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Your day-to-day dealings with people affect your aura and

 the light that you project as a spiritual being.

There are 7 layers in the aura. Each one is associated with a particular chakra. Cleansing the aura


removes dead particles of energy from the different layers, allowing you to feel more vibrant and be


received by others more positively. Over time we pick up other people's energy & emotions,

 which can be either positive or negative.

If you are feeling drained or unmotivated to enjoy life, this service is recommended for you. 

To ensure you are shining YOUR light as bright as it can be, an aura cleansing is essential.

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A Spiritual Energy Evaluation is an overall look at your aura, chakras and outside energies that are 

affecting you. This evaluation is very different one from others

 it has more of an insight into the spiritual energy that circles the body.

Our spiritual energy is connected to everything we do and have in life. 

It is what separates us and gives us our individuality.

 Common symptoms of any spiritual problems are failure to communicate with others,

 feeling inadequate and lack of energy, etc.

This evaluation allows me to see any negative energy that is connecting to you and causing these

 difficulties. In order to remove any that is found, one will start a series of spiritual meditations and crystal therapy. 

Benefits of clearing away the negative energy will allow you to live a more centered and productive life.
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