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Quartz Crystal: personal healing and meditation crystal Rose Quartz: love, kindness, emotional healing Amethyst: meditation, stress reliever, calmness Citrine: concentration and focus; creating abundance Aventurine: physical healing Black Tourmaline: deflecting negativity and protection

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Trans-Crystal Therapy Session
Trans Crystal Therapy Crystal Healing
Combining the crystals’ bio-electric properties with Universal Light energy opens and clears the heart, reconnecting conscious mind and unconscious soul purpose. Alleviates physical discomfort and pain, and integrates the body with mind spirit and emotional self. When adding the technique of alpha dialog, the client is able to find the core or source of any related problem to remove all remaining cellular memory embedded in the aura.

Regression Therapy and Past Life Integration Past Life Regression

Regression Therapy and Past Life Integration
Past Life Regression
Using the Netherton Method of Past Life Discovery and Spiritual Integration, this client based hypnotic treatment is an excellent way to experience past lives, the birthing-survival process, and to release cellular memory from the body-matrix.

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Choosing, Cleaning and Charging Crystals
Crystals, mainly referring to minerals from the Quartz genre, have been used since ancient times.

 quartz crystals are referred to in ancient Sanskrit writings. Reference tells us they were used to propel lifes journey on  the road. Egyptians used rose quartz as a beautifying aid, and amethyst as protection for their traveling emissaries; ruby was often used for protection. Lapis, ruby, malachite and turquoise were all ground into powder for eye shadow and other make-up needs.

Modern healing practices combine what has been passed down through written information and folklore with new age metaphysical philosophy along with the ever evolving quantum psychics. These new scientific ‘discoveries’ have simply put credence onto what many alternative healers have known and followed for decades.

Quartz crystal is the champion of the healing tools. It has piezoelectricity that allows it to be programmed and to carry information, and energy through its central axis (running from its base, through its center and out its tip, or termination). Most healers will have a strong collection of quartz crystal ‘hand-held points to create healing grids, to use as personal power pieces, and to place around a client during a healing session.

Placing crystal and assorted minerals onto the body will alter the actual frequency or vibration of the cells and shift the emotional field of the body. Magic? Perhaps. But mainly, minerals work through the actual chemical composition of their structure by aligning with the chemical composition and frequency of the human body. We can easily see the adjustments being made through the stones into the body by using them on our pets or children. Because these two lack intellectual cognition, their response to crystal and minerals can be quickly and easily seen without any explanation.

When choosing a crystal always learn to trust your instincts. Everyone has natural instincts, or intuition, and this can be built upon simply through practice and self trust. Your first impression of what crystal you like, or what you’re drawn to before you start ‘thinking about it’, will usually be your best choice.

After choosing your personal crystal you will want to clean it 
If you are new to crystals and minerals we can help & guide you on your journey call to day for appointment

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