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metrowest, ma. best selection of crystals and minerals. We carry gifts that lift the spirit and support soulful living such as divination books, oracle card decks, drums, sage, sweet grass, and sacred statues. We carry angels, fairies, goddesses, jewelry, candles, chimes, greeting cards for every occasion, and much, much more. Everything to altar your space!
Hudson Psychic is alive, out of the ordinary, and constantly evolving. We would love for you to stop in, say hello and explore all the possibilities of unique gift giving. It is always great for one of those ‘just because you’re fabulous days’.
213 Main St
Here you'll find metaphysical supplies such as candles, incense, essential and magical oils, herbs, gemstones, crystals, jewelry, ritual tools, spell supplies, books, tarot decks, God and Goddess statues, and much more. There are also psychic tarot card readings as well as esoteric classes at the store.
We carry more unique products at the store that are not on our web site so
stop on by we would like to meet you
. We add new products and classes to our store and update the,
website frequently so check back

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(857) 294-6407

Gift Certificates Available 

Hudson psychic Gift certificates Available  great holiday gift idea
Hudson psychic products & supplys
    Amulets Bags and Pouches
    Bath and Body
    Books and Calendars
    Candle Holders
    Crystal Balls
    Enchanted Spell Candles
    Gemstones and Crystals Herbs
    Hoodoo Mojo
    Incense ,Incense Burners, Jewelry, Mala Beads, Magic and Spell Supplies Oils /
Oil Diffuse

    Pendulums Prayer Flags Runes Ritual Tools Smudging Supplies Statues
    Tarot Cards & lots more to mush to list
Hudson Psychic Metaphysical ShopHudson Psychic Metaphysical Shop
We carry much more jewelry at the store
Hudson psychic Metaphysical Jewry
More pendulums available at the store
hudson psychic crystal jewry
Hudson Psychic Metaphysical Shop
Hudson Psychic Metaphysical Shop
metrowest  psychic supply shop at Hudson
Mystic Spirit Magical Bath Salts

metrowest Hudson Psychic Metaphysical Shop
Enchanted Spell Candles are custom made and blessed for you by Gina, the owner of the shop.
Each spell candle is inscribed with magical symbols, glittered, and dressed with fine fragrant oils blessed by 11 sisters on a seven day pull out candle. The candles are encased  and burn for approximately seven days (168 hours) if burned non stop.
Hudson Psychic Metaphysical ShopHudson Psychic Metaphysical Shop
Hudson Psychic Metaphysical Shop      marriage
Hudson Psychic Metaphysical ShopHudson Psychic Metaphysical Shop
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