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Metaphysical Therapist | Clairvoyant Expert | Medium Specialist
Psychic Gina is a master in the field of Palmistry, Tarot and E.S.P.
psychic love reading

She offers many types of different readings, that are used as tools that are applied and designed to give insight and clarity, with any difficult decision situation or obstacles surrounding you. Gina, has many well satisfied clients that are local, national, and international. That say " Her readings are like no other that you have experienced in the past"! Within a few brief moments she will open a window into your soul and share astounding information with you.

Tool'S for Better Relationships

Perhaps the most important tool in spiritual and personal development is the practice of clearing and protecting your energy. When swimming in others’ emotions, it can be difficult to differentiate our own from anyone Else. In order to tune in to our inner guidance with clarity, we must first clear and protect our energetic space.
psychic love reading the Hudson psychic
My #1 Tool for Transformation
Navigating the Shift Into Love

When we are feeling upset it can be difficult to shift into love. When we are in a state of loving, however, everything gets better.


BRING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH THE HUDSON PSYCHICNew Moon A fresh chapter. I view it as a much needed new beginning that will be propelled by the square from Mars.
HUDSON PSYCHIC  2014 PREDICTION Mars in Libra can be the social agitator, the ambitious suitor, or the relationship change whose time has come.
NEW PSYCHIC MOON HUDSON PSYCHIC.COMThe placement of the planets on New Years Day are all in  it is time  to take the initiative in all areas of your life, New Years Day 2014 there will be a New Moon. New Moons are always a time of new beginnings, of fresh energy, a time for focusing our attention and intentions.

What inspired me to pursue a career as a psychic?

What inspired me to pursue a career as a psychic?
hudson psychic office picture
I never woke up one day and wanted to be a psychic. I became psychic by going down a path to find myself spiritually and after years of spiritual studies, there was an energy I couldn't explain. It was always driving me im a 5th generation psychic
MEDIUM PSYCHIC purple moon

I do reading/healing sessions with people in person and all over the world by phone.

my favorite part of the job is
Helping people make positive changes in their life. Anyone can give you advise, which I do, but I also help people move past being stuck—especially when it comes to relationships and broken hearts.
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